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The Business English course is for business people who want to focus on effective communication skills. Our classes focus on the language you need to operate efficiently in your working environment. The course will cover necessary business skills such as telephone language, English for business meetings, presentations, report writing, emailing, and liaising with clients.

From our learning center in Miami, you will be taught by experienced native speakers with varied backgrounds in business. Business English lessons aim to cover a range of skills that are found in everyday work scenarios. Unlike a General English course, vocabulary and dialogue will be focused on scenarios such as negotiating deals, coping with communication problems, and giving presentations to clients or colleagues. For those who are seeking employment, there is advice on how to respond to difficult questions during job interviews so that you can feel confident the next time you are in an interview environment. The course also looks at cross-cultural communication where both parties are non-native English Speakers.


The complicity of Business English courses and the use of the English language within the courses requires at least an intermediate level of English. To get the most from your Business English course it is a good idea to tell your tutor in advance which industry you work in and prepare a list of industry-specific terms that you will need to use and look up their translation in a dictionary or online.  You can take this list to your tutor and get guidance as to how to use them in the correct context.


Business English Maximum Class Size:


Assessment Methods:

Progress Tests, Tutorials, Homework

Business English Course Content

Lessons combine all aspects of English language skills; listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Course Materials

Course material consists of an English language coursebook and supplementary material such as Cds, CDROMs, and online English language resources.

Course Full Time
Level Intermediate
Duration Flexible
Hours 15 hours a week
Start Date Every Monday
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I’m completely satisfied. My spoken English has improved a lot and I would definitely recommend courses at Link School.

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I like the way of teaching, the friendly atmosphere and that the courses are affordable and I can choose most convenient time for me.

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I would like to study at this school again because teachers and other staff are very polite and they help a lot. I spent a great time at this school. Thank you.

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I want to study at this school again, because my English language is better, but I want to know more. My teachers are excellent and the atmosphere in class and school are very good.

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